Horse Drawn Carriages & Specialty Wagon Services

For Weddings, Parades, Quinceañeras, Private Parties,
Municipal Events and Other Special Occasions

We will make your event more memorable!

Liberty Farm
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Horse Drawn Services

  • Wedding Carriage
    Our stunning French burgundy vis-à-vis carriage features white trim and black leather interior. The stylish white top can be let down, if desired.
    Accommodates 4 adults.
  • Hay Rides
    Our horse drawn haywagon features comfortable, padded seats. What better way to kick back and enjoy the scenery!
    Accommodates 15+ adults.
  • Sleigh Rides
    Our beautiful Victorian sleigh is perfect for a winter wedding or a romantic escape.
    Accommodates 4 adults comfortably.
  • Wagonette Rides
    Made for pleasure driving, tourism and parades.
    Accommodates 4 adults.

Tractor Drawn Services

  • Hay Rides
    Our tractor-drawn haywagon features comfortable, padded seats. Great for field trips and family outings any time of year!
    Accommodates 25+ people.

Additional Services

  • Pony Ride Parties
    Traditional favorite for birthday parties and events!
  • Mobile Petting Zoo
    We'll bring the farm to your party!


  • Agricultural Fair Pen Setups
  • Permanent & Temporary Stall Panels
  • Livestock Feed
  • Livestock Handling Equipment
  • Hay (call to order












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